1 - Navel Chakra
2 - Spleen Chakra
3 - present thought
4 - present feeling
5 - Root Chakra
6 - Heart Chakra
7 - future feeling
8 - Throat Chakra
9 - future thought
10 - Head Chakra

1 - state of mind
2 - opposing force
3 - conscious thought
4 - unconscious thought
5 - the past (event)
6 - the future
7 - the self
8 - the environment
9 - hopes/fears
10 - the outcome

I use two spreads. The Celtic Cross and The Tree of Life (or something like it).

I have seen both these patterns used with some variation, with regard to which cards get laid where first, and even with different numbers of cards. There are other spreads - the Zodiac spread and the Clock spread, where the cards are laid in a circle - Work Cycle spreads where the cards are laid out in lines - Mandala spreads where the cards may be laid in patterns representing Wings or A Key or almost any shape with a symbolic meaning.

The two patterns that I use are essentially the same spread because of the order in which I lay out the cards. (To change from the Celtic Cross to the Tree of Life one only has to rotate the whole spread 90' anti-clockwise, move card 2 to a position between cards 1 and 5 and move card 10 to the other side of 8 from 6

Tree of Life
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Celtic Cross
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