Using The Tarot

I've been using the Tarot for years - as a mirror, as a magnifying glass and as a telescope. Some times I use them more than at other times, doing a spread of cards before going to sleep; to see how the day has gone, to look at the dream images before having the dream. Sometimes I don't use the cards from one week to the next or from one month to the next.

I often use the Tarot to look at how I feel about what might be my future. I'll do a spread to consider 'what if I do this?' then another for 'what if I do that?' then, having made up my mind which way to go, I'll do another spread considering the choice I've made. I might use the Tarot to look at my connection with other people; to see how a friend is getting on on the other side of the world or to look at how the person sitting with me is doing.

I will often use Tarot as a meditation tool; picking a card to meditate on or picking a card to act as the significator of some aspect of my being and laying out a spread of cards on (or in relation to) that card. Sometimes I just pick one card at 'random' and look at what comes to me from studying that card. Sometimes I'll lay a spread with a particular question in mind (the more specific the better) and the answer that the Tarot presents me with will pose another question, so I'll lay a spread for that, and so on.

When I do a spread to have a look within myself, I will often lay out 10 cards on top of the first 10, and then again and again - seven spreads in one; the first for the Magician (for thought and decision), the second for the High Priestess (for feeling and intuition), the third for the Empress (for creativity and the passion), and so on.