I like these books;

firstly, because they are easy to read, clear in their descriptions and explanations with no obscuration and they show a great deal of experience of Tarot reading and study;
secondly, because I have been able to go back to them often, there is so much information regarding both theory and practise.

My copies are almost as worn out as my copy of the I Ching.

Rachael Pollock gives you the meanings of the cards and their relationships to each other, a systematic framework for understanding how those meanings are derived and some insight into the Kabbala which is the basis for the framework - all of which are necessary requirements for enabling the rational mind to reach beyond the surface level of information presented in a Tarot spread.
For the intuitive? Well, who needs books?
In these books, you are offered the keys to the gates.

I like these books because they talk about people and the way that people relate to themselves and to others.