Every Picture Tells A Story

Each card in the Tarot deck is a symbol that carries meaning. A complex symbol full of symbols. There is no simple translation for any card, they each have a number of meanings that derive from the part of the process that they represent. This process is not easily described as it underlies the manifestation of thought, feeling, action and intuition. If e-motion is the flow of psychic energy then thought, feeling, action and intuition are the currents, vortices and wave forms in that flow. There is no 'part' of it that is separate and distinct from, or unrelated to, any other 'part' of it. The analogy gives only a glimpse of the reality, shows only one facet of a multi-faceted jewel. Analogy again. Words, concepts, are insufficient to describe the process that lies beneath their own manifestation, and yet, much of it is known to us; it is the realm of human experience.

The pictures of the minor arcana (cards 1 to 10 of each of the four suits - discs, wands, cups and swords, plus the court cards - page, knight, queen and king) show us scenes we can recognise from our experience of being human. The pictures of the major arcana (the named cards numbered 0 to 21 in Roman numerals) show what Carl Jung has called archetypes, or something like that; images that convey something of the fundamental forces of the psyche.
The pictures in the Rider Waite deck are crammed with information, cues and clues that will bring to mind the totality of the meaning of each card. There is nothing superfluous, no detail that is not important. There is consistant meaning in the use of colour as symbol, the difference between background and foreground, the relationships between the characters in the scenes. In the minor arcana there is a scene with a story in each card and a progression of change that runs through each suit from 1 to 10.

These cards have been created from a deep understanding of the alchemical process, with a great deal of knowledge of the Kabbala, the western esoteric tradition, and of human nature and behaviour.


An Example: