Understanding Love

From the moment you walk through the door
You're the only one I see
Our eyes meet
My heart flows out
Drawn into a dark Star
The singularity of your being

I wish
You take me home with you
We walk up to your door
You ask me in for coffee and
We talk
I wish no more
Than that
You have me
Love you
In the best way
You know how
For I will
Love you
And love you

I could be the one
You know
Who'd never give you cause to grieve
I could be the one
You know
The one you never want to leave
I could be the one
You know
To tell you truly this is love.

Any moment, every moment it is a beginning, an ending. Every time you speak to me or smile then time begins and everything is possible. One word from you (and almost any word) begins a train of thought that runs from here and now all the way to eternity and back to hear the next word.
And you are silent, never see me, never dance for fear of . . .

You know how I feel
(or could know)
And you know what I want
I always want!
But there, beyond that,
Will you never see me
" me me me"
Oh my:
Ho Hum:
It doesn't matter
That it's true
It's true
And yet
I'd kill
Or die
For you
And only you.

"The Death Of Conscience?"

Should I conceal the way I feel
And talk of birds and honey bees
Of flowers and trees
Of things unreal

Should I pretend the time I spend
Agape at you - in wonder lost -
Is not the best
And Eros end

Should I tell you my Love is true
And yet still be misunderstood
Thought of as crude
What should I do?

I dance and play and every day
I give it up to rise above
To know
I'll love you

Here’s a gift that can’t be bought
A present which was never sought,
My Love.
I offer it to you
In everything I say and do
And that’s how it will always be
(Try giving that one back to me.)

Have you any idea
Just how difficult it is
for me
To yawn
When I'm with you

All the words of love that were ever breathed
Have only whispered of what I feel
When I look into your eyes
All the words of love that have ever been breathed, spoken, sung or howled
Have only whispered of the passion that I feel as I look into your eyes.

Without the torment of desire
I touch creation's fire
Find the centre, rise up higher
Purest essence tumbling out.

When I think you'll never be mine
Never want to be mine
And I no longer yours
Not wanted to be yours
The sadness grows and grows
Love's illusion shattered now
I see the Truth again
That I have always known
Alone myself
No possibility of touching, really touching
Any other

One Hope
As I experience connection
All things
Part of One
As I experience
As the experience of Being One
Oh So Alone
In No Time

And once again today I wake
But after many more hours of sleep
Than I should need
So why should I avoid the day?
A sunny one too

Now there is no rain
For one is shelter to the other
Now there is no cold
For one is warmth to the other
Now there is no loneliness
Now there is no loneliness

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