Personal Astrology Report

This report is a detailed, in depth, Birthchart Character description, along with some Transit Analysis (a study of the timing of changes represented by the movement of the planets in the heavens.)

The focus of the report depends on the individual Birthchart and on the timing of the request. (An Astrological chart for the moment of the Question will often show which direction the interpretation should take.)
I might focus on developmental potential or on resolution of inner conflict, or I might focus on relationship issues, or a more general interpretation might be indicated.

I will acknowlege receipt of your email, asking you to confirm the order (and checking that I have the correct date, time and place), before I begin work on it.

To Erect A "Horoscope", that is, to create or generate a Birthchart, I will need -

A Name -
not actually necessary but it is good to have.
The Date of Birth - for example 25th May 1955 or May 25 1955 (not just numbers - to avoid confusion of date formats). - UK and US date formats differ and I need to be clear about this.
The Time of Birth - some birth certificates will show the time of birth, otherwise, some indication of how accurate you believe the time to be would be useful.
The Place of Birth - town, county/state and country, or the direction and distance to the nearest town if you were born somewhere not on any map.

It is useful, but not necessary, to know if the person the chart will refer to is female or male.

The Birth Data and any other information you may care to include or questions you may have should be emailed to me -
Kane Emslie ( ) - Subject - "Personal Astrology Report"

After confirmation of the order is received, I will send you an email invoice for 45.00 through PayPal. By clicking on the link in that email (or pasting the link into your browser) you will be directed to PayPal's secure server.

There, you can pay by PayPal (if you have an account) or by Credit/Debit Card
(Mastercard/Eurocard/Visa/Delta/Electron/American Express/Switch/Maestro/Solo)

The completed Personal Astrology Report will be emailed to you as soon as possible after that. (as an attachment, in MS Word .doc format unless you need it in some other format, in which case, please specify)

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Transit Analysis
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Specific Questions

For Education and Entertainment. Possibly Amusement or Amazement -
although I take it quite seriously.