Astrology Download Links

Searching the web for "astrology download" will turn up a large number of hits. There are numerous demos or trial versions of astrology programs to be sampled so I don't feel I need to have a large list of links here but I will have links to one or two that have impressed me recently.

From World of Wisdom you can download a 30day trial version of their WOW program

This might be a good one for anyone new to astrology. Easy to use and there's not much jargon between you and the interpretation. The drawback with this one (apart from the 30 day limit) is that you can't save charts.
Once you have the program installed and running, go to "options" on the menu bar and setup "here and now" then set the time period in the "dynamic analysis" selection. After that you're off and running.

Also - Check out for downloads and reviews of software and more.

Or you can get your chart done with some interpretation, for free, and all online (no need to download and install a program) at

I recommend the 'Child's Horoscope' at, no matter what age you are.