Anyone who wholly trusts their intuition can sense what is happening now and know exactly what to do next. But who is so open? We try to make sense of, and understand - and we miss the moment. We look at the world and see day and night, the Sun and the Moon (1 and 2), the brightest lights in the day and night skies; and we conceptualise opposites. We see the Sun or the Moon rise, reach its height and then set, so we make up stories and have a beginning, a middle and an end (3). Which way do we go? Forward or back, left or right (4). We stand in the centre of a world that stretches out, in all directions, to the horizon, and our consciousness sees itself as the circle within the square.

That is the Zodiac of Astrology, the reflection in the sky of the world we perceive. 12 signs - four elements in order, three times. Each sign in polarity (of meaning) with the signs next to it and the sign opposite it, around the circle. That which moves within that circle of the sky then becomes a portent of change in the world we perceive - the Sun, the Moon, the planets, asteroids, comets, even the "fixed" stars move.
They don't just move: they move in cycles! Simple cycles like day and night repeating or complex cycles, like the tides - we perceive some degree of order in this chaos of our experience. Even the great cycle of the precession of the equinoxes may have been known more than 12,000 years ago.

The Sun moves directly, steadily across the background of the sky, but rising and setting further north or south each day, as the cycle of the seasons turns. The Moon waxes and wanes through its cycle, coming and going, from no moon to full moon and back to no moon, and round again. The wandering stars (the planets) move across the sky "two steps forward and one step back", some moving quickly with the Sun, running ahead then falling behind, some moving more slowly, in their own time.
There is in that, an image of the way we are in our consciousness and our experience. At times we are direct and steady while, even at the same time we come and go. Our moods may fluctuate while our intent is constant. We learn and develop by expansion and consolidation, two steps forward and one step back. One person will grow or develop in various attributes, at a different rate from others but, essentially, we are all very much alike.
What a great work it must have been to first figure out where, against the background of the "fixed" stars, the planets were - because most of the time they cannot be seen. You could only see where the Sun was in the sky at noon by knowing the sky and what was opposite the Sun at midnight.

At various times in history (and before then, I suppose) the explanation of the mechanism, of how Astrology works, has changed. At one time the movement of the planets was said to represent the will of the gods, at another time what happened on earth was seen to correspond to the will of God unfolding in Heaven, As Above - So Below. In our time, a Jungian would see the Planets in the Signs as representative of the Archetypal Forces of the Psyche.
Who knows how many other explanations of how it works there have been in the last 6,000 years? I would say that all are true. Newtonian Laws are not invalidated by Einstein's Theory or by Quantum Theory, they are just seen to be valid only within certain limits. Not that I would compare Science with Astrology. Science is concerned with how things work and, in this respect, I would say that the mechanism by which Astrology works .... is irrelevant. Astrology is concerned with the meaning of what is, an area that science seems unable to investigate. The same event may have very different meanings to different people at different times, and that is where Astrology can make sense of what appears to be chaotic. Astrology can unveil the meaning and reveal the timing.

If Astrology is useful to you then you will believe in it. If it is not useful to you then I wouldn't expect you to give it a second thought - unless, maybe, you were not convinced of the competence of the astrologer. With regard to how astrology works, I would say look at the Mandelbrot Set and the "patterns" of Chaos Theory. Look at the nature of our physical universe and the concept of Self-Similarity at Different Levels of Organisation.
In the graphic representation of the Mandelbrot set, within the boundary it is black and outwith the boundary it is non-black, inside tends to zero and outside tends to infinity, but, on the boundary, at the interface between zero and infinity, there is wonderous variety and the "patterns of chaos". How like the real world that mathematical curiosity is. On the thin boundary between the solid matter of the planet and the vacuum of outer space, there is wonderous variety and the "patterns of chaos".

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