Anyone with a computer on the Internet can download a free demo of an Astrology program or get a printout of their Birth Chart and the meanings of the planets in the signs and houses and the aspects between the planets -
so who needs an astrologer?

The Birth Chart is a bit like a really good family portrait. You can see a lot in it and learn something about the relationship of the people in it to each other but, on it's own, it's not enough. You also need to be able to look at the family photo album, hear the stories and watch the home movies.
The Birth Chart needs to be seen in relation to other charts that are derived from the Birth Chart, and in relation to the charts of different place/times before, during and even after the lifetime.

I recommend the study of Astrology to anyone and everyone, and a good place to start is with an astrology program and your own Birth Chart, but not everyone wants to spend years learning to do something that they could get someone else to do for them. That's what your Astrologer is for.

There is a bit more to it than that. The interpretation of these charts will always be done from within a framework of understanding. What I mean by that is - like if you tell your memories or dreams to a Freudian or a Jungian analyst, you're going to get different interpretations from each of them because they will be looking at that information from different frameworks of understanding.
2000 years ago you might have been told that you were fated by the will of the gods of love and war to have such and such a destiny. Nowadays you're more likely to hear that until you work through your relationship issues you're going to keep finding yourself attracted to this or that sort of partner. Different concepts but it's the same thing happening.

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I began studying Astrology in 1985 (along with the study of Tarot, the I Ching, Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu philosophies) and before that had spent six years studying psychology and western philosophies; sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time.
I have also worked with my hands for a living - doing woodwork, painting, sound and lighting for theatrical productions.