Life, Philosophy And Astrology

A Philosophy or Belief System seems to be a necessary part of the human psyche, the mind.
It has been important to me for a long time (I would say always but I can't remember always) that my beliefs should be consistant (systematic), reasonable or logical (or reasonably logical), and should explain everything. That's a tall order.

A brief history of me -
from 0 to 7 - I was an egg.
from 8 to 14 - I was a (Cub) Scout - I was into nature studies and read animal stories.
from 15 to 21 - I was a Space Cadet - I studied then worked in Science and read science fiction.
from 22 to 28 - I was A Sorcerers Apprentice - I worked in Theatre Stage Management and read plays and philosophy.
from 29 to 35 - I was a Technomage - I synthesize the science and the magic, and read Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching.
from 36 to 42 - We raised our Children,
from 43 to 49 - We raised our Children,
from 50 to .... -

Strange Thing.
I had noticed the 7 year period of these life changes by the time I was 29, before I encountered Astrology (not long before), but I had no explanation for it.
It seemed to be a natural division, with references in history, but there was no reason for it.

At 29 years - I quit my job with the theatre (7 years of that) to move to Penzance (following my girlfriend). At around the same time, my best friend for the past 14 years died in a car crash. Within a couple of months the relationship with that girlfriend was over (6 years), my cat left me (7 years) and I encountered Astrology and learned of my 'Saturn Return'. Saturn has a 28/29 year cycle - 7 year quarters.

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